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At Gig Harbor Candy Company all treats are handmade using only the finest ingredients, in small batches, to ensure consistent quality and deliciousness.  Be sure to try them all – at least one is certain to be your new favorite. 


About Us

 They say when you love something enough nothing can get in your way.

Gig Harbor Candy Company has proven that to be true!

Gig Harbor Candy Company started in 1995 when a young man decided to open a candy store in downtown Gig Harbor, Washington.  This was his chance to recreate the one-of-a-kind candy recipes his parents made and sold in Missouri when he was a little boy.  It came with a heavy heart in 1999 when he made the decision to close his storefront business.  In an effort to keep the candy making tradition going, longtime Gig Harbor residents, Joe and Lori, began making the candy seasonally and started the mail order portion of Gig Harbor Candy Company.

When we first sampled these amazing candies it was love at first bite. We often bought them as gifts for family and friends during the holiday season, but when we realized that we could only buy them in November and December we were determined to find a way to enjoy these amazing treats year-round.  It didn’t take us long to figure out that the only way this was going to happen was to buy the company and make the candies ourselves – and that is exactly what we did!

We are now the proud owners of Gig Harbor Candy Company.  We were taught all the secrets and unique techniques that go into making these special candies and practiced until we perfected it.  Although the website has undergone some changes, the candy remains exactly the same.  Those of you that have enjoyed these candies over the years can now indulge any time and so can the rest of us!

We will be adding new candies so check back often.  Be sure to try them all – at least one of them is certain to be your new favorite.

Patti and Phil



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English Toffee

Our biggest seller. We create a buttery, sweet, soft crunch, almond toffee and cover it with the finest chocolate.  Each side of the toffee is covered with fresh toasted almonds. To please all palates, we offer three flavors; Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or Vanilla English Toffee.

Making our English Toffee is a five-day process.  Our secret recipe and unique techniques ensure that the toffee won’t stick to your teeth and has a taste that is beyond compare.                                                       

Tiger Butter

A creamy delectable combination of vanilla confection and milk chocolate with a hint of peanut butter swirled together to create the tiger striped pattern.  This smooth candy melts in your mouth and once you try it you’re hooked.  Try Tiger Butter with red wine – it is truly amazing!


Sea Salt Caramels

Our mouth-watering Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels are absolutely delicious.  Our caramel has the perfect consistency; not too hard and not too soft.  It is topped with only the highest quality chocolate and sprinkled with the right amount of sea salt.  Nine delectable caramels in each box makes the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite someone.


Peppermint Bark (offered November and December)

Our Peppermint Bark is quickly gaining ground as one of our best sellers during the holiday season. We start with a thin layer of dark chocolate, top that with an equal layer of vanilla confection, and finish it off with yummy bits of crunchy peppermint.

The result is a light chocolaty, mint crunch that is as refreshing as it is satisfying.  If you like the combination of delicious chocolate and peppermint, you will not be disappointed.                                               


Espresso Bark

Our delicious Espresso Bark is coming back again soon!

Helpful information:

Gluten free!

Our candy comes in bags, 1lb boxes, and 1-1/2lbs boxes.  Candy in boxes can be mixed and matched (we don't recommend mixing Peppermint Bark in with other candy).

Bagged candies come in a 7oz sealed, zippered bag.

All boxed candies (1lb and 1-1/2lbs) are sealed in clear cellophane bags, wrapped in tissue and placed in a gift box; perfect for gift giving.

Our candy makes a special gift for family and friends anytime of year.  Think of Gig Harbor Candy Company for all your birthday, thank you, or ‘just because’ gifts.  We can include a specially made gift card to each order and ship directly. Nothing is easier!

A box of our mixed candies makes the perfect gift for co-workers, employees, vendors, and customers.  We can even customize stickers with your business logo and a special message and mail it directly anywhere in the U.S.A. (check with us for details).

When you are looking for a great fundraising opportunity for your school, sports club or organization, think of Gig Harbor Candy Company. This candy sells itself!

Our candy stays fresh at room temperature for more than four months and for up to one year in the freezer. Buy extra so you never run out!

All sales are final.

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